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World, philosophy: here we are concerned about what is counted as a world. If the world is conceived as a totality of objects, states, processes and their relations, as well as the totality of actions and thoughts, no statements are possible about the world which are not circular. See also universe, ontology, totality, whole, outer/inner, paradoxes, circularity.

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Friedrich Nietzsche on World - Dictionary of Arguments

Ries II 17
World/Redemption/Nietzsche: Claim of a redemption of the world to the "dance floor for divine coincidences".
Danto III 45
World/Values/Nietzsche/Danto: to describe the world as worthless does not necessarily mean to give it a low value within the framework of a value scheme (...), therefore, it does not have to make sense to give it a value at all. Values are not better applicable to the world than weight measurements on numbers. There is nothing that our beliefs can correspond to, not purpose or order, neither things nor facts. And so all our beliefs are wrong. Nietzsche regards this as the most extreme form of nihilism. (F. Nietzsche: Nachlass, Berlin, 1999, p. 555).
Danto III 46
According to Nietzsche's own experience, the knowledge that the world is without all form and meaning is intoxicating; and if this knowledge should suggest anything, then a "Dionysian saying yes to the world as it is, without deduction, exception and selection" (F. Nietzsche: Nachlass, Berlin, 1999, p. 834).
Danto III 159
World/NietzscheVsHegel/Nietzsche/Danto: The world has no sensible figure besides the one we have given it. But then we do not represent any more sensible beings than the world itself is a reasonable place. This does not mean that we are irrational, but merely that the distinction between rationality and irrationality cannot be taken into account.
That all truth is wrong, that knowledge equals ignorance - to say this and the like means nothing more than twisting and exaggerating words.
That does not mean that we should flee from these pipe dreams.
Danto III 274
World/Nietzsche/Danto: According to Nietzsche, the world is something we have done and always do. It has no other form or meaning than that which we impose on it.
Nietzsche: The belief that the world that should be, really exists, is a belief of the unproductive who do not want to create a world, as it should be. They put it as existing, they search for means and ways to get to it. 'Will to Truth' - as powerlessness of the will to create. (F. Nietzsche: Nachlass, Berlin 1999, p. 549.)
((s) See Putnam: "Why there isn't a ready-made world, Synthese Vol. 51, No. 2, Realism, Part I (May, 1982), pp. 141-167 ).

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