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Friedrich Nietzsche on God - Dictionary of Arguments

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God/Nietzsche: God is dead! (Fröhliche Wissenschaft, 125. Aphorism "Der tolle Mensch". 1882.
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God/On the Genealogy of Morality/Nietzsche: The Christian God is not nature!
Ries II 86
God/Twilight of the Idols/Nietzsche: "I fear we won't get rid of God because we still believe in grammar."
Ries II 108
God/Nietzsche: "We killed him."
Gods/Nietzsche: "Shouldn't we ourselves become gods in order to appear worthy of them?"
Ries II 109
God/Nietzsche: Metaphors: The sea, the horizon, the sun. The sea is drunk up - the horizon is wiped away. The earth is loosened from the sun. Fall into the darkness.

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Nie I
Friedrich Nietzsche
Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe Berlin 2009

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F. Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil 2014

Ries II
Wiebrecht Ries
Nietzsche zur Einführung Hamburg 1990

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