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Externalism, philosophy: the thesis that the meanings of the words partially depend on our environment; a) by the influence of the language community (use theory), b) the possibility or impossibility to ever come into contact with objects to refer to them (reference, acquaintance). See also twin earth, anti-individualism, circumstances.
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Danto I 184
Externalism/Nietzsche/Danto: the manner in which certain species imagine the world. - ((S) then there is no problem of skepticism because it is all about ideas.) - Nietzsche: what survival value has consciousness? -> Naturalized epistemology: biological dimension of representation ability. - Against: internalism/Descartes: Thesis: Knowledge is something that needs to be sought from the viewpoint within the consciousness. - This is not about stimuli.

Nie I
F. Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil 2014

A. C. Danto
The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art (Columbia Classics in Philosophy) New York 2005

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