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Allen Newell/Herbert A. Simon Computerwissenschaft als empirische Forschung (1976) in Dieter M√ľnch (Hrsg.) Kognitionswissenschaft Frankfurt 1992

I 57
Symbol/Newell/Simon: a symbol is based on intelligent action. Symbols and only symbols are arbitrary.
Symbol/McCulloch: what is a symbol that intelligence can use and what is intelligence so that it can use a symbol?
I 61
Symbol/Newell/Simon: The thesis that a physical symbol system has the necessary and sufficient means for general intelligent actions. (Sufficient: means any system of sufficient size).
This makes a statement about the architecture and the nature of intelligent systems.
I 72
Newell/Simon: Thesis: Symbol systems solve problems by using the methods of heuristic search. The solutions are represented in symbol systems.
Search process: is a step by step change of symbol structures.
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