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Intelligence: intelligence is the ability to recognize patterns in presented information or to recognize possibilities for supplementing and transforming known patterns that go beyond repetitions.
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Allen Newell/Herbert A. Simon Computerwissenschaft als empirische Forschung (1976) in Dieter M√ľnch (Hrsg.) Kognitionswissenschaft Frankfurt 1992

I 57ff
Intelligence/Newell/Simon: there is as little a "principle of intelligence" as there is a "principle of life", which explains the essence of life from its very nature. But that is not that there are no structural requirements for intelligence.
I 69
General Problem Solver/Newell/Simon: (GPS) general mechanisms, schemes, for performing different tasks. Distinction nets, pattern recognition mechanisms, syntax analysis.
I 76
Definition Intelligence/Newell/Simon: a system with limited processing capacity is to make wise decisions in the face of what is next to be done.
Prerequisite: the solution distribution must not be completely random! Pure insertion and testing is not intelligent.
Origin of intelligence is nothing mystic: it comes from search trees.
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