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Black III 83
Neutrality/Science/Black: the neutrality thesis is harmful when combined with the view that norms and values are merely subjective. E.g.
Neutrality/Jacques Monod: thesis: science is based on a strictly objective analysis and interpretation of the universe, including the human himself.
Decision/Monod: a decision is always a step out of the realm of objectivity into the realm of values that is not objective, and therefore cannot be derived from objective knowledge. One simply cannot prove objectively that it is bad to wage war.
Objectivity/Monod: objective knowledge defines the alternatives, but it does not help to select them.
III 84
Values/Monod: Science cannot create, derive or suggest values. Even the decision to become a scientist results from a free axiomatic choice of a value standard. (It is not itself scientific). (London, 1971, pp 12ff)

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