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Marvin Minsky Eine Rahmenstruktur für die Wissensrepräsentation 1981 in Dieter Münch (Hrsg.) Kognitionswissenschaft Frankfurt 1992

I 99
Thinking/Minsky: I do not believe that sentences must lead to visual images.
I 100
Thinking/Bartlett: thinking is biologically older than the image forming process. But although younger, and higher developed, it does not supplant the method of images.
Thinking increases the risk of remaining attached to generalities.
I 125
Thinking/Minsky: different viewpoints usually follow each other.
I 130
"Proximity"/simulation/Minsky: such terms are too important for our everyday life to give them up because they cannot be axiomatized.
Thinking/Minsky: thinking cannot get far without conclusions.

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