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Reference system, philosophy: demarcated area with rules for the creating of symbols and their manipulation. The system allows the localization of a statement within this frame. See also frame, localization, reference, reference class, domains, interpretation, theories.
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Marvin Minsky Eine Rahmenstruktur für die Wissensrepräsentation 1981 in Dieter Münch (Hrsg.) Kognitionswissenschaft Frankfurt 1992

I 92
Minsky: if one is facing a new situation, one selects from the memory of a structure.
I 107
Frame/Minsky: E.g. frame of syntactic surface - Frame of the semantic surface - Thematic frames - narrative frames: explanations, arguments, stories.
I 109
Collection of questions that arise in light of a hypothetical situation. It specifies the problems, and the methods of solution.
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