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"There is...," philosophy: it is the question whether the talk that "there is" something is synonymous with the assumption of the existence of the said thing. In contrast to that the existential quantification is the attribution of properties to objects. See also everyday language, existence, existential quantification, existence predicate, existence statements, quantification, attribution, properties, schematic letters.
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Exist/Existence/"exists"/"There is"/Stabilization function/Millikan: E.g. "St. Nicholas does not exist", E.g.: "Phlogiston does not exist": here no representation is produced, but a change in the concept, i.e. in the program, which regulates the repetition of the words "Phlogiston" and "St. Nicholas".

Millk I
R. G. Millikan
Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories: New Foundations for Realism Cambridge 1987

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