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Anne-Kathrin Reulecke, Fälschungen, Frankfurt 2006
Science/Theory/Medawar: thesis: the genre of a science article is bastardising per se, because it is inductive and functional-argumentative. Instead: -"chronological-autobiographical narrative style".

Anne-Kathrin Reulecke, Fälschungen, Frankfurt 2006

Science/Theory/Medawar: (1963): "Is the scientific treatise a fraud?"
Thesis: the scientific treatise as a text type represents a fraud.
It was standardized in the twenties and forties and is still the most common today.
Medawar: it provides a fictitious and idealized representation of the knowledge process, because it misrepresents thought processes. It intends to bring the logical structure of research into accord with the principles of inductive epistemology.

Meda I
P. B. Medawar
The Uniqueness of the Individual

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