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Anne-Kathrin Reulecke (Hg) Fälschungen Frankfurt 2006

Induction/MedawarVsInduction: (following Popper):
1. There is no objective starting point.
2. The process of discovery is confused with that of the proof.
3. It is not possible to certainly arrive at a generalization that contains more information than the sum of the particular sentences on which it is based.
Medawar pro Popper: (logic of research): hypothetical-deductive method. Trial and Error. This is to give an account of the process of discovery.
Solution/Medawar: style of the traditional literary narrative: premonitions, false starting points, rejected hypotheses, emotional aspects, coincidences. It is possible to use literary language in the sense of a "true narrative".
VsMedawar: that is naive!
The social use of word and writing invariably introduces fiction as a communicative artifice.

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Meda I
P. B. Medawar
The Uniqueness of the Individual

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