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Physicalism: within the philosophy of the mind, physicalism represents the thesis that mental processes are to be traced back to physical processes. See also materialism, identity theory, naturalism.

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I 23
Physicalism/Descartes/Mayr: all organisms except the human are nothing but machines.
Groups: Johannes Müller, Justus von Liebig, Helmholtz, Emil Dubois Reymond
I 26
PhysicalismVs "Vitality": proof that work can be completely converted into heat.
Ironically, however, the terms "energy", "movements" of the physicalists were just as little clarified as the "vital force" of the vitalists.
I 27
"Movement"/Dubois Reymond: the understanding of nature is a reduction of the changes in the body world to movements of atoms. A constant sum of kinetic and potential energy, so nothing would remain to be explained.

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E. Mayr
Das ist Biologie Heidelberg 1998

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