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Colours: in philosophy among other things, the question of how individual > sensory impressions can be generalized or objectified. See also qualities, qualia, perception, inverted spectra, private language.
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Page numbers from the German edition: K. Lorenz, Das sogenannte Böse Wien, 1963

II 20
Colors/aggression/animal kingdom: Strongly colored fish are not to be held together in a small space. At most a single fish in a group of differently colored.
II 21
The more colorful, the more resident and more aggressive.
II 23
The most aggressive (strong-colored) fish in an aquarium were the ones who had no conspecifics to work off on them.
II 25
The most extreme aggressiveness is in those billboard-colored, wild fishes, which display their belonging through the color at a great distance.
II 43
Colors/aggression/fish/Lorenz: the residential-bound, strongly colored aggressive fish live in a place where there is particularly abundant and diverse food available: on the coral reef.
II 44
Explanation: here, like in a human colony, they can seize the "most diverse professions".
II 55
Colors/signals/aggression/animal kingdom/Lorenz: where we find strong colors and bizarre forms in males, it is almost always the female who has the last word in the partner selection. The males do not fight.

K. Lorenz
On Aggression

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