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Dawkins I 115
Lorenz: Thesis: Details of embryonic development are not relevant to evolutionary considerations. (Dawkins pro.).
Page numbers from the German edition: K. Lorenz, Das sogenannte Böse Wien, 1963

II 289
Love/Evolution/Lorenz: Thesis: intraspecific aggression is millions of years older than personal friendship and love.
I 290/291
The highly complex behavior of falling in love, friendship, striving for rank, jealousy, grief, etc., is not only similar in greyleg goose and human, but is also the same up until ridiculous trifles.

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K. Lorenz
On Aggression

Da I
R. Dawkins
Das egoistische Gen, Hamburg 1996

M. St. Dawkins
Die Entdeckung des tierischen Bewusstseins Hamburg 1993

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