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Morals: morals refers to a more or less coded set of rules, action maxims, duties and prohibitions within a society or group. Most of these rules are unconsciously internalized among the members of the society or group. Their justification and the possible assessment of actions are reflected in ethics and meta ethics. See also values, norms, rights, ethics.
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Seel III 131
Moral/ethics/Levinas: leaves moral in an unprovoked, completely asymmetric being-responsible compared to the other roots: - "The punch line of all morality is precisely in the exceeding of all respects and all identifying regards" - SeelVsLevinas: one cannot take this as a word not even with the best will - a moral that makes no more differences between stones and men, perpetrators and victims, takes each possibility away to perceive a different as needy -
Seel III 145
Definition moral/Seel: moral consideration applies to all the people as such - Definition Ethics: is based on a common history, which has created a closer social relationship -

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M. Seel
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