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Perception, philosophy: perceptions are conscious or unconscious processings of changes of state or events in the environment or within a living organism. Perceptions are happening in the present. Memories and imaginations are not perceptions. In language usage the expression of perception is used both for the process of perception and for the perceived. See also stimuli, sensations, sense perceptions, computation, memory, ideas.

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Holz I 43
Identity Principle/Perception/Leibniz: I see the object A, regardless of whether I see it "correctly", how I see it, as an object which does not appear otherwise.
For example, the object can change its color in the next instant with a change in light, but not at the same time.
I 44
Identity/perception/Leibniz: Identity is already given before any sensory perception: even at the logical, pre-predicative level.
For example, "Anything is as large as it is large, as it is."
Definition Perception/Leibniz/Holz: perception is the (structure of) relationship between the perceptive and the perceived.
Holz I 45/46
Sensory perception/proof/Leibniz: sensory perception is unprovable. Only what can be traced back to simple terms (by definition) from complex concepts can be proved.
"Chain of definitions".
Holz I 112
Perceptio/Leibniz: the determination of the structure, which is, according to a being, what it is: the entelechial ability is the substratum of the being that is structured in the perceptio.

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Lei II
G. W. Leibniz
Philosophical Texts (Oxford Philosophical Texts) Oxford 1998

Lei I
H. H. Holz
Leibniz Frankfurt 1992

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