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Holz I 62
Principle of Variety/Leibniz: (2nd Principle next to the Identity Principle):
"That different things are perceived by me".
This says nothing about the reality content of my perceptions! These could be phenomenal side effects or unconscious productions.
Holz I 78
Principle of Variety/Principles/Thinking/Leibniz: the formal possibility of thinking is based on the principle of variety.
((s) Because you cannot think of a single thing without relation to anything else.)
Double movement/ascent/descent/Leibniz/Holz: from the certainty of the perceived multiplicity, one can now ascend to the infinitesimal boundary concept "all beings at the same time".

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Lei II
G. W. Leibniz
Philosophical Texts (Oxford Philosophical Texts) Oxford 1998

Lei I
H. H. Holz
Leibniz Frankfurt 1992

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