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Contingency, philosophy: Contingency is not synonymous with randomness, but expresses that an existing fact could have been different. Its counterpart is necessity. See also coincidence, necessity, necessity de re.
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Stegmüller IV 388
Contingency/Leibniz: Every thing is contingent - if another thing were different, it would not be thus - all things are causally connected - causes: their number can be unlimited - there is not necessarily a temporal beginning. - Sufficient reason: must then lie outside the world - therefore there must be a necessary being - VsLeibniz: How do we know that everything needs a sufficient reason? - KantVsLeibniz: the cosmological proof of God is based on the implicit (disproved) ontological argument.

Lei II
G. W. Leibniz
Philosophical Texts (Oxford Philosophical Texts) Oxford 1998

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