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Atomism (philosophy, logic): A) Atomism is the assumption that the facts can be represented by elementary sentences. Thus the question of the independence of facts is raised. See also Atomic sentences, Humean supervenience, Causality. B) In relation to the world, the atomism of ancient philosophy assumes that there are smallest units, the atoms. These are sometimes thought of as having a particular shape.

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G.W. Leibniz on Atomism - Dictionary of Arguments

Holz I 94
Atomism/difference/Leibniz: the difference of the substances is an external one, the world manifests itself in the action of reciprocal causation relations of assumed substances A, B, C, etc.
((s) difference is external because only recognizable with respect to others.)
This is the model of atomism.
But in a modified form it is also the model of transcendental unity in Kant.

World/Kant: Substances which interact with one another form "the correlation of the phenomena according to the necessary rules, i.e. laws." But just as an idea!

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