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Pagel I 72f
Time/Lacan: Futurum exactum: "It will have been". Lacan: A finished future: here the historicality that is realized in the subject accentuates. (impossible completion of perfection that has always been already.) ((s)> Beckett "Happy Days").
I 123
Time/Lacan: is spatialized as a product of labor. (LacanVs). This creates the illusion as if an already existing truth is found in this space.
I 127
Time/Unconscious: "Anticipated retrospective: "it will have been."
"Logical time"/Lacan: in the transference appears unnoticeably a past. The analyst marks the opening.
I 133
Language/Lacan: Lets the immediate present disappear in the "sign".
I 134
Return from the future: the repressed does not return from the past, but from the future.
"Anticipated retrospection"/Lacan: here the finished past is not realized, also not the perfect in the sense of an already completed present, but the second future of what "it has been for, what it is going to be."

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Lacan I
Gerda Pagel
Jacques Lacan zur Einführung Hamburg 1989

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