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Pagel I 63
Desire/Lacan: wants more than real saturation: recognition and love.
Pagel I 64
Desire/Lacan: the desire flows into the language. Mother is giving more than food. When the subject entrusts the need to the mother, the kind of neediness changes in a retroactive manner. The primary need turns into the claim to the other. Insatiability. The child, nourished with the highest measure of love, refuses food. It's about the symbol.
I 65
Desire: Dialectic: Desire wants to be acknowledged! Neither appetite for satisfaction nor claim to love, but rather the difference arising from the subtraction of the satisfaction of the claim.
I 68
Desire: neither the subject nor the other can be content to be subjects of need or objects of love, but solely to be a governor for the cause of desire.
Passion: its scope is that the desire of the human is the desire of the other.
I 75
Desire: behind each lurks a new, never finished series. Irreducible alienation. Lacan: This is the real reason for the "discomfort in culture" (Freud). Lacan: not "lack of having", but "withdrawal from being".

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Lacan I
Gerda Pagel
Jacques Lacan zur Einführung Hamburg 1989

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