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Prechtl I 119
Language/Lacan: Row of signifiers: social order - the subject is not sovereign. - It only has access to his experience within the frame of meanings.
Pagel I 17
Language/Lacan: is the ultimate agent.
I 44
Language/Lacan: Language is not a substance but a form. The human speaks, but he does so because the symbol has made him a human.
I 46
Significant/Lacan: the function of the signifier is not to represent the signified! The relatively insignificant can be the actually effective. That which counts and does not tell. Expulsion of the signifier is its effect, not a content severity.
I 46
Language/Lacan: neither representation nor instrument. Rather, a "differential articulation". The sense is always a retrospective product.
I 48/49
Metonymy/Lacan: displacement of meaning. Middle of the unconscious, to outwit the censorship. (Like Freud).
I 53
Language/Lacan: demands renounce of the narcissistic insistence of "me or you". It requires subordination to a universality of commonality. (Similar to Hegel).
I 55
Language/Lacan: with the language, we can persuade ourselves without knowing that we have deceived ourselves, since the language talks to us.
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Gabriele Röttger-Denker Barthes zur Einführung Hamburg 1989
I 100
Sprache/Lacan: Sprache ist nicht Immaterielles. Sie ist ein subtiler Körper.

Sau I
P. Prechtl
Saussure zur Einführung Hamburg 1994

Lacan I
Gerda Pagel
Jacques Lacan zur Einführung Hamburg 1989

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