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Complex: a complex is composed of components that can be distinguished from each other and are relatively autonomous. Complex behavior refers to systems that consist of several components. The relative independence of the components is manifested in their behavior. Relative autonomy of the components is determined by the description of the complex as a whole.

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Stuart Kauffman on Complexes/Complexity - Dictionary of Arguments

I 134
Complexity/Kauffman: on the one hand such a high degree of orderliness that stability is guaranteed, but on the other hand much flexibility and surprise potential.
Order/complexity/network/Kauffman: e. g. network of light bulbs, green = flashing, red = permanently on or off. "Mental film".
I 135
Example N = 1000, K = 20: almost all are green and flashing.
Example N = 100,000, K = 2 (approximately human genome): at first most of the bulbs flash and are green. More and more converge to a red, stable state.
N.B.: when we ask ourselves whether these red bulbs are connected to each other, we find that they are frozen into a huge cluster! In addition, small and large clusters continue to flash.
Only these blinking now make up the cyclic behavior of Boolean networks that are in order. They are all not connected, they are islands in a sea of frozen red bulbs.
This happens, if you change the parameter P, the phase transition from chaos to order.

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Kau II
Stuart Kauffman
At Home in the Universe: The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity New York 1995

Kauffman I
St. Kauffman
At Home in the Universe, New York 1995
German Edition:
Der Öltropfen im Wasser. Chaos, Komplexität, Selbstorganisation in Natur und Gesellschaft München 1998

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