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Stuart Kauffman on Evolution - Dictionary of Arguments

Dennett I 303
Self-organization/Evolution/Kauffman/Dennett: main representative: By means of simulation, we are now able to simulate complex evolutionary scenarios and recognize principles that remained unknown to Darwin.
Order/Evolution/Dennett: not every order offers the possibility of evolution or selection: e. g. variations of Conway's "Game of Life".
Self-organization/Kauffman: it is not only probable, but almost certain that the evolutionary ability itself undergoes an evolution, it develops because it is a forced move in the design game.
Either you find the path that leads to evolutionary capacity, or you don't get anywhere, but finding that path is not a tour de force, it's obvious. It should be surprisingly simple.
Dennett I 306
Self-organization/Kauffman/Dennett: Kauffman's laws are not those of form, but of design, the compulsions of meta technology.
I 30
Evolution/Kauffman's thesis: if the record of life were to be replayed, then the individual branches in the family tree of life might look different, but the patterns of the branches, which at first diverge greatly and then become more and more detailed, probably follow a deeper regularity.
Evolution may also be a historical process, but it ran regularly at the same time.
The phenomena of species formation and extinction most likely reflect the spontaneous dynamics of a community of species.

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