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Mind Body problem: the question of how thinking and sensibility arise from matter, and how the relationship of the mental and the material without which the mental (psychic, psychical) is not possible can be explained. See also substance, res Cogitans, dualism, monism, identity theory, materialism, physicalism, functionalism.
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Diaz-Bone I 41
Mind Body Problem/James: James' psychology can be seen as an attempt to overcome the dualism of body and mind. Both are part of nature and the objective world.
       Even a complete discovery and explanation of brain activity cannot be equated with knowledge of consciousness.
The attempt to solve the mind body problem by overcoming the dualism is regarded as a failure for James, since a scientific explanation for free will cannot be achieved.

James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einführung Hamburg 1996

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