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Knowledge: Knowledge is a conscious relationship to sentences or propositions, which legitimately attributes to them truth or falsehood. What is known is true. Conversely, it does not apply that everything that is true is also known. See also knowledge how, propositional knowledge, realism, abilities, competence, truth, facts, situations, language, certainty, beliefs, omniscience, logical knowledge, reliability

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Author Item Summary Meta data
Martine Nida-Rümelin: Was Mary nicht wusste in Th. Metzinger (Hrsg.) Bewusstsein, Paderborn, München 1995

Metzinger II 274
"Knowing how it is"/Qualia/Jackson/LewisVsJackson: Knowledge-how is no knowledge: since it does not exclude alternatives.
Instead: knowledge-how is the ability to recognize something.
Nida-Rümelin II 280
Argument of incomplete knowledge/Jackson: the argument should show in the original version that there are no physical facts, i.e. such facts which cannot be formulated in physical vocabulary.

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Jackson I
Frank C. Jackson
From Metaphysics to Ethics: A Defence of Conceptual Analysis Oxford 2000

Metz I
Th. Metzinger (Hrsg.)
Bewusstsein Paderborn 1996

Nida I
Martine Nida-Rümelin
Was Mary nicht wissen konnte. Phänomenale Zustände als Gegenstand von Überzeugungen
Bewusstein, Thomas Metzinger,

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