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Read III 92
Implication/Jackson/Def Robustness: (Jackson) a statement is robust if its assertiveness remains unaffected by the acquisition of information.
III 93
The punch line for Jackson: the modus ponens comes into play for conditional sentences.
Condition sets are not robust with respect to the falsity of their consequents.
III 94
Jackson: Assertiveness is measured by conditional probability. There is a specific convention about conditional propositions: namely, that they are robust with respect to their antecedents, and therefore cannot be claimed in circumstances where it is known that their antecedents are false.
ReadVsJackson/ReadVsGrice: both are untenable. The problematic conditional sentences occur in embedded contexts. Example
Either if I was right, you were right, or if you were right, I was right.
Assertion and assertiveness: are terms that are applied to complete statements, not to their parts! Conditional sentences are not truth functional.

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Jackson I
Frank C. Jackson
From Metaphysics to Ethics: A Defence of Conceptual Analysis Oxford 2000

St. Read
Thinking About Logic: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Logic. 1995 Oxford University Press
German Edition:
Philosophie der Logik Hamburg 1997

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