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Calculus: a calculus is a system of symbols for objects (which are not further specified) as well as rules for the formation of expressions by the composition of these symbols. There are other rules for transforming composite expressions into other expressions. As long as no specified objects are accepted for the individual symbols, the calculus is not interpreted, otherwise interpreted.

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HH 257
Proof Theory/HH: here the abstraction trend is driven even further than in the model theory and also for the definition of the metalogical terms to abstract the meaning of connectives , it will proceed purely syntactic. A calculus is nothing more than a system of production rules for printing images. > Uninterpreted formal system. - The calculi differ in their use of the operators.
HH 270
Calculus/HH. Progress for the decision problem: for the problem solution one can accurately construct the calculi that are adequate. - There are calculi, which produce exactly those print images that are identical with print images of universal problem solution formulas. - The adequacy of the calculus only says : if the formula is universally valid, then there is a proof in the calculus.

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