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Simulation, philosophy: a simulation is the establishment of a correspondence to a process, a procedure or a situation with means which are different from those involved in the original process or the original situation. The simulation itself is either the subject of an investigation, or it serves the purpose of creating an illusion for exercise or entertainment purposes. See also copy, reproduction, reality, similarity, forgery, figure, process, situation, models.

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Hst II = D. Hofstadter, Metamagicum, 1994
Hst II 529
Simulation: no one confuses simulation of gases, liquids, in physics with the things themselves (Dennett about simulated hurricanes ("brainstorms") What goes on in a computer when it simulates a hurricane, is obviously not a hurricane - FÄ ((s) but also in the minds of people affected by a real hurricane raged not a hurricane, also in the sense organs, but on the outside. However, the human would be amidst its devastation).
Natural Law/storm: does not shred the laws of physics.
Hst II 534
Simulation: what would you say if it means that the calculations performed by the computer are only simulations!
Computers find the right answers, therefore their calculations are not a fraud, but only masks. It lacks the inner understanding of the process.

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