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I 171
Substitutional quantification/sQ/HintikkaVsSQ/HintikkaVsSubstitutional Quantification/Hintikka: substitutional quantification is a pseudo-paradise, at most of formal interest, there has never been a satisfactory explanation for it.
Description/Knowledge/Russell: Knowledge by description: E.g. we do not know Bismarck. We wish that the object itself is a constituent of our proposition, but this does not work here. We know, however, that there is an object called Bismarck (existence).
Russell: We also know about this Bismarck that he is a clever diplomat.
Solution/Russell: then we can describe the proposition we want to claim, namely, "B was a clever diplomat," where B is the object that is Bismarck. (> Logical form).
Logical Form/Hintikka:
(15) (Eb) (b = Bismarck & we judge that b was a clever diplomat)
"B": this variable has then actual objects (objects from the actual world) as values.
Russell/Hintikka: that shows that he has not chosen the solution (i).
However, on another occasion Russell says:
I 172
Description/Knowledge/Russell/Hintikka. Knowledge by description: here we know propositions about the "so-and-so" without knowing who or what so-and-so is.

Hin I
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