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Berka I 386
Syntax/Logic/Berka: also the formalistic view of mathematics, founded by Hilbert, has increasingly observed semantic questions. This can be seen in the later editions of the "Grundz├╝ge der theoretischen Logik" (Hilbert Ackermann).
Syntax/Berka: Authorization: 1. The creation of a formal language is already a necessary and above all an independent task.
2. Metal logic: meta logic can be established and formulated syntactically easier than semantically.
Semantics/Logic/Berka: Semantics is not philosophically neutral. It is about Platonism/Nominalism.
Platonism: Scholz (1941), Church (1951), Bernays (1931).

Brk I
K. Berka/L. Kreiser
Logik Texte Berlin 1983

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