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Necessity, philosophy: different kinds of necessity are distinguished, differing in their strength. For example, physical, logical or metaphysical necessity. See also necessity de dicto, necessity de re.
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II R. M. Hare Philosophische Entdeckungen in Grewendorf/Meggle(Hg) Linguistik und Philosophie, Frankfurt (Athenäum) 1974/1995

Grewendorf II
Necessity/Hare: can one say now that the dance "Eightsome Reel" is danced like this and not danced differently? No!
No singular statement about an empirical fact is a necessity. (But a statement about a historical, contingent fact).
Unfortunately, there is also a temptation to name the corresponding statements synthetically or a priori. (Because there is, after all, a description of the correct dance).
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