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II 283
Reason/Foucault: we supervise it in particular: neither it nor its past, nor what makes it possible, nor what it makes us, escapes its transcendental destiny.
III 23ff
Reason/Insanity/Hegel: For Foucault, Hegel is the witness for a new therapeutic concept: not just unreason, but a self-contradiction of the reasonable "per se". Hegel: in insanity the immediacy of the heart has the prevalence.
From the perspective of the insane non-whole (Hegel) society appears as the real madness. Foucault: wanted to write the story of this other kind of insanity.

Fouc I
M. Foucault
The Order of Things: An Archaeology of Human Sciences 1994

Fouc II
Michel Foucault
Archäologie des Wissens Frankfurt/M. 1981

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