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Utterance: oral performance of a sentence as opposed to the mere thinking or writing. See also actions, speech acts utterance conditions, assertibility conditions
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II, 128ff
Utterance/statement/discourse/Foucault: one-time event, which is not repeated. (Strawson).
Statement: But it will be easy to say that the sentence expressed by two persons under different circumstances is only one statement. It is also possible to shorten a text. The small differences are not as effective. Also posthume expenses.

Statement: E.g. the assertion that the earth is round does not make the same statement before and after Copernicus. What has changed is the relation of this assertion to other propositions.

Field of stabilization: one can assume that the same statement is present, whereby the words, the language, the syntax is not identical. It is not a principium individuationis. Rather a variation principle.
A statement can also be reconstructed in memory, but not an ideal form.

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