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I 363
Principle of the Shortest Time/Fermat/"Knowledge"/Feynman: how does light know which path to take?
Important: there is an area near the optimum point where, in the first approximation, there is no significant change in time. But there is in second order.
Feynman: this is not about causality!
In fact, the light decides! It practically smells the right path.
This is related to the wavelength.

I 538
Knowledge/Saying/Language/Uncertainty Principle/Feynman: that we cannot precisely measure place and impulse does not mean a priori that we cannot talk about it. It just means we do not need to talk about it!
Genz II
Knowledge/Atoms/Atomism/Feynman: if all physical knowledge were destroyed and only one insight was preserved, the thesis that everything is made of atoms would be the most important one.

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R. Feynman
Vom Wesen physikalischer Gesetze München 1993

Fey I
R. Feynman
Vorlesungen über Physik I München 2001

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