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Richard Feynman on Unity - Dictionary of Arguments

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Unification/Theory of Everything/TOE/Feynman: If one day we find a "universal equation", one of its roots could be this number 1/4,170000000000000....
If we compare the time required by light to travel through a proton to the age of the universe, the answer is 1042. Thus it has the same number of zeros!
So it was suggested that the gravitational constant is connected to the age of the world. But if it is connected, it would have to change over time!
Vs: if that were the case, the world would have been 100° hotter at the time when life on it emerged, because it would have been closer to the sun. Life could not have developed.

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Feynman I
Richard Feynman
The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Vol. I, Mainly Mechanics, Radiation, and Heat, California Institute of Technology 1963
German Edition:
Vorlesungen über Physik I München 2001

Feynman II
R. Feynman
The Character of Physical Law, Cambridge, MA/London 1967
German Edition:
Vom Wesen physikalischer Gesetze München 1993

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