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Ultimate justification: here we are concerned with the search for a justification of ethical norms or of measurement methods, which are proven to be no longer traceable. These are intended to enable the development of systems which cannot be rebutted as a whole, but against which only objections with regard to the internal structure can be put forward. This is intended to encourage collective work to improve generally accepted systems.
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II 82
Explanation/Popper/Feyerabend: he goes even further: he explains "that the world of each of our theories can be explained by other worlds described by further theories." The doctrine of a final reality collapses.
FeyerabendVsPopper: but only because it does not correspond with his favorite methodology. But if it turns out that the world is finite, then we have a "final reality."

Fe I
P. Feyerabend
Wider den Methodenzwang Frankfurt 1997

P. Feyerabend
Erkenntnis für freie Menschen Frankfurt 1979

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