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I 315
Animal/Speech/Thinking/Dupré: it is not quite correct to speak of "pets", it is rather a coevolution of humans and other species that live for a long time in a symbiotic relationship. "Domestication" and "socialization" is something quite different.
I 316
Animal/Communication/Intention/Dupré: an important criterion for intended communication is the possibility of deception.
I 318
Animal/Thinking/Language/Descartes/Dupré: even those who defend the cognitive abilities of the animals most, often accept the Cartesian assumption that it is in principle impossible to prove the thinking or even the consciousness of animals because this would be conceptually dependent on behavior.
I 319
DupréVsDavidson: if he were right, the question at stake would not only be whether or not one can teach monkeys, but whether to teach them to think.
I 320
Animal ethics/Dupré: animal ethics does not depend in any way on the success of the project, to teach animals to speak.
I 321
Language/Thinking/Dupré: there are many forms of non-verbal behavior that allow communication, and many non-verbal manifestations of thinking.
Animal/Dupré: the research of the language with monkeys can tell us much about monkeys and ourselves, which we cannot learn in a different way.

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Dupré I
John Dupré
"Conversations with Apes. Reflections on the Scientific Study of Language", in: Investigating Psychology. Sciences of the Mind after Wittgenstein, J. Hyman (Ed) London/New York 1991, pp. 95-116
Der Geist der Tiere, D Perler/M. Wild, Frankfurt/M. 2005

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