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John Dupré Gespräche mit Affen Reflexionen über die wissenschaftliche Erforschung der Sprache in D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg.) Der Geist der Tiere, Frankfurt 2005

Perler I 325
Language/Evolution/Dupré: three theories: - 1. Pinker: thesis: language is younger, there is a difference between human and animal - 2. P. Greenfield: Language and tool use have a common basis - hierarchically structured tasks of object manipulation - neural basis - 3. Ethology (Evolution of behavior):
Language as an adaptation to a process - it is still related to animal communication - homologous (common precursors) - language is not a reaction to present stimuli - it also does not do information processing - big difference to humans - pro: allows to distinguish between older and younger characteristics.

Tie I
D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg)
Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt 2005

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