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Suhr I 31
Education/Tradition: Knowledge comes from the outside and needs to be trained or drilled. Authority of the elders rules. It is ultimately divine revelation. "Ability".
I 32
Education/Psychology/Dewey: children are already equipped with knowledge and it only needs to be awakened. Interest needs not to be controlled.
Ability psychology: ability psychology is the doctrine that the human possesses different abilities, e.g. memory, reason, accuracy, the ability to distinguish, imagination, etc. Ability is allegedly a separate existing characteristic. E.g. the ability of remembering remembers itself, not the person remembers something. Every ability can and must be exercised on its own, irrespective of its content.
I 33
Biological Psychology/Dewey: (goes back to William James): biological psychology focuses on the biological interaction with the environment. The child is a self, not simply an intelligent animal. It has goals. The child is always active.
I 57
Education/Psychology/Dewey: all dualistic theories of education have in common that they regard the goal as fundamentally finished and see a dynamic only in the fact that either the substance determines the form, or the form the substance. (Either the mind the world or the world the mind.)
I 57
Psychology/DeweyVsAbility: There is no "ability per se", but only in connection with a task!
Forces are the results of the employment of congenital tendencies with certain contents.
I 62
Definition education/Dewey: education is constant reconstruction. The reorganization of experience which increases its importance and increases the ability to guide the course of the following experience.

Dew II
J. Dewey
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Martin Suhr
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