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Other minds, philosophy: in this context, it is about the extent to which experiences of others are recognizable to us. See also privileged access, first person, consciousness, perception, qualia, perspective, objectivity, subjectivity, inverted spectra.
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Body-Soul-Problem/Dewey: Solution: modern science makes qualities into relations, the immediate qualities have been driven into a realm of psychic being. But they are not apparent, but real qualities of being.

Mind/antiquity: the Greeks had no problem with the mind because they attribute effectiveness to the natural qualities.

Body-Soul-Problem: if we deny the immediate qualities, psychical functions, indeed, the mind itself, become an abnormal phenomenon. The error of antiquity was not to attribute qualities to natural existence, but to misunderstand the place of their efficacy: outside of any connection with organic action.

Dew II
J. Dewey
Essays in Experimental Logic Minneola 2004

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