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Stroud I 8
Senses/Descartes: Even if we know that we can be deceived, it is not wiser to assume that we are always being deceived than to think we would never be.
Stroud: we should not assume all our senses to be fundamentally unreliable.
Stroud I 16
Senses/Knowledge/Descartes: E.g. if he knows that he is sitting at the fireplace, he thinks that he knows it due to the senses.
But he also knows that it is compatible with the fact that he is only dreaming.
VsDescartes: if we allow a dreaming person to know something (e.g. mathematics, mathematical truths), does this not show that Descartes is wrong with his skepticism?
VsVs: this is not shown by that.

Strd I
B. Stroud
The Significance of philosophical scepticism Oxford 1984

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