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Method: a method is a procedure agreed on by participants of a discussion or research project. In the case of violations of a method, the comparability of the results is in particular questioned, since these no longer come from a set with uniformly defined properties of the elements.

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R. Descartes on Method - Dictionary of Arguments

Holz II 37
Rationalism/Holz: for rationalism it goes without saying to break down terms or facts into simpler components.
Method/Descartes: A method consists in the order and disposition of what the mind's gaze must focus on in order to discover a certain truth.
Holz II 37
Intuition/Descartes: intuition is not the changing testimony of the senses, but such a simple and distinct understanding of the pure and attentive mind.
So everyone can grasp with the mind that he/she exists, that he/she is aware that the triangle has three sides.
Holz II 38
Method/Intuition/HolzVsDescartes: The process leads to an incalculable abundance of details, if no distinction is made between the essential and the insignificant. This is a problem in psycho-spiritual and social-historical investigations.
In the age of mathematics and natural sciences this remains inarticulated!
Descartes' concept of intuition is imprecise because he assumes subjective belief.
Def Intuition/Holz: intuitive knowledge is knowledge of the simple, which can no longer be broken down into parts.

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Holz I
Hans Heinz Holz
Leibniz Frankfurt 1992

Holz II
Hans Heinz Holz
Descartes Frankfurt/M. 1994

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