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Metaphysics: is a theory that has the claim to ask questions and provide answers beyond our available knowledge. It is objected that even for asking questions, a knowledge of the meanings of the words used is required. This knowledge is not given when experiences or at least theories using these terms are not available. See also essentialism, metaphysical possibility.
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Bubner I 136
Metaphysics/Descartes/Bubner: he is regarded as the alleged discoverer of the principle of subjectivity as the beginning of modern philosophy. New grounding of metaphysics.
Meditation overcomes doubt, because it does not dogmatically withdraw from it.
Descartes demands that even mathematics be subjected to doubt.
       The meditative twist may be due to the model of Augustine.

Bu I
R. Bubner
Antike Themen und ihre moderne Verwandlung Frankfurt 1992

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