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Mind Body problem: the question of how thinking and sensibility arise from matter, and how the relationship of the mental and the material without which the mental (psychic, psychical) is not possible can be explained. See also substance, res Cogitans, dualism, monism, identity theory, materialism, physicalism, functionalism.

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Putnam V 108
Def Interactionism/Putnam: theory, according to which spiritual events interact with physical ones. Whereby the direction of origin could be in one direction as well as in the other! Descartes: the mind could influence matter if it was very, very ethereal (pineal gland). Notorious.
V 109
Most naïve version of interactionism: the mind as a kind of ghost that lives in the bodies. Vs: But it is not clear why we should have such complicated brains at all, it could be a very simple control mechanism.
Descartes: (refined) mind and brain form a substantial unity. Somehow it is the mind-brain unity that thinks, feels, and represents a personality. I.e. that the mind is not what we commonly call the mind, but the unity of brain (body) and spirit.
PutnamVsDescartes: obscure: unity of two substances.

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Pu V
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Robert D., Putnam
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