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I 42
Life/Genesis/Structure/Dawkins: Thesis: Even prior to the development of life there was a certain rudimentary evolution of molecules, whereby there was no need at all for a plan or a direction.
I 52
Life/Genesis/Cairns Smith: Thesis: Our progenitors were perhaps minerals.
I 80
Death/Dawkins: it's actually a good question, why we die.

Death/Tradition: an act of altruism towards the rest of the species.
MedawarVs: circular conclusion, presupposes what he wants to prove: namely, that old animals are too weak to reproduce!
No ancestor died in infacny.
I 419
Life/Dawkins: the only unit that must exist for life to be created somewhere in the universe is the immortal replicator ((s) replicator = gene, not individual, not body).

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Da I
R. Dawkins
Das egoistische Gen, Hamburg 1996

M. St. Dawkins
Die Entdeckung des tierischen Bewusstseins Hamburg 1993

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