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Mind Body problem: the question of how thinking and sensibility arise from matter, and how the relationship of the mental and the material without which the mental (psychic, psychical) is not possible can be explained. See also substance, res Cogitans, dualism, monism, identity theory, materialism, physicalism, functionalism.
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David Chalmers
I 4
Mind-Body-Problem/Definition the hard problem of the mind-body-problem/Chalmers: the problem of explaining the phenomenal qualities (how it is like to be aware) or qualia. It is just the problem of explaining consciousness.
I 24
Mind-body problem/psychological/phenomenal/Chalmers: the distinction of the two aspects
A) psychological, behavior explaining, functionalist and
B) phenomenal (Qualia)
Has the consequence that we have two mind-body problems.
I 25
Chalmers: the hardest part of the mind-body problem is: how can a physical system produce conscious experience?
Psychological mind-body problem: we can regard it as solved. (> Jackendoff, 1987). (> Mind-body problem/Jackendoff)

Cha I
The Conscious Mind Oxford New York 1996

Cha II
D. Chalmers
Constructing the World Oxford 2014

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