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Geach I
Indeterminacy/reference/Frege: "to refer to something indeterminate" is often rather: to refer indefinitely to something definite.
Geach: in (4), (7), or (9) it is not a definite reference and also not an indication. (?).
In Buridan the "appellatio" is highly obscure to a "ratio", but that is Frege's "odd meaning" too! (GeachVsFrege).

Suppositio confusa/Buridan: respectively the first sentences of the following pairs
Suppositio determinata: respectively the second:

(10) To see, I need an eye
(11) There is an eye that I need to see with it
(12) There was always a living man
(13) There is a man who has always been alive
L 150
This can easily be clarified in modern logic with quantifiers.
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