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Picture: an object which is in a specified relationship to another object. The objects may originate from different areas such as experience and imagination or from similar areas (lighting and photography) or from the same domain as in the forgery. Mathematics here the required relation is defined a function.
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Seel III 52
Def picture / Brandt: images are objects in which we clearly find something displayed, which nevertheless is not there. For the perception of images, is of course only possible when this ratio is perceived. Then the image can be seen as an image - (Iconic difference, > G. Boehm, > R. Wollheim) - abstract / abstraction / Brand: Solution: images that are meant to be signs of the presence do not have to produce an illusion of presence.
Seel III 53
Iconic difference / Brandt / Seel: we see the medium by which the subject is depicted.

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