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Metzinger II 547
Thoughts of Higher Order/Block: the thoughts of higher order must be obtained in a non-observing and non-inferential way. Otherwise recourse: I learn from my anger that I draw conclusions from my observed behavior. ((s) Additional Divide But Wittgenstein: "I only have my signs").
Metzinger II 575
Thinking/Block: Much of our thinking is neither p-conscious nor z-conscious!
II 458
Def Z Consciousness/Terminology/Block: Being aware of a fact z means that the information is available for rational inference. (Functional concept).
P-consciousness: phenomenal consciousness.

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Block I
N. Block
Consciousness, Function, and Representation: Collected Papers, Volume 1 (Bradford Books) Cambridge 2007

Metz I
Th. Metzinger (Hrsg.)
Bewusstsein Paderborn 1996

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